Your Concepts. Our Coating. Innovation for the World.


Quantum Coating pairs the industry's premier engineers with the world's most advanced technologies. Why? Because experience powers innovation. And, while most companies choose between large custom optics and high-volume
projects—Quantum delivers on both. That's something you can do after four decades of space and flight heritage. Our customers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. They demand cutting edge capabilities. So we built state-of-the-art chambers with the functionality to handle large optics & mirrors, and the productivity needed to deliver on high-volume orders.

From Avionics and Aerospace to Military and Medical—we believe in the power of precision. Quantum is now a premier supplier of coatings for Touch Screen Displays; we routinely produce transparent conductive coatings, broadband antireflection (BBAR) and multilayer all-dielectric filters for night vision (NVIS) on flat panels, filters, and precision optics. Functionality should never limit your concepts—and with our respected lineage of metallic silver and gold coatings such as FSS99 and FSG98—it never needs to.