What We Do

Specific Requirements Deserve Precise Engineering.

One of today's leading optical coating companies, Quantum Coating, Inc. (QCI) is dedicated to developing processes to fit your engineering requirements.  From initial concept to finished product in aviation, aerospace, medicine and the military, our expert staff will work with and for you.  Our conscientious and rapid response to prototype development eases the transition from concept growth in creating a wide variety of optical coatings.

Quantum's large in-house Optical Coating Capability allows us to meet requirements on optics up to 2000lbs x 1.5 meters in diameter with the utmost precision. Our high tech optical coating facility houses state-of-the art deposition equipment, glass fabrication and metrology.

“We’re proud that for 25 years we have made it our job to insure your ideas become your innovations.”
— Dan Patriarca, CEO Quantum Coating Inc.

Optical Coating Services to Aid Your Manufacturing Process

Our thin film coatings have been utilized for applications in both public and private sectors, including: avionics, aerospace, military, medical, and more. With our ability to harness new technologies and craft our coatings for many different uses, Quantum has been able to meet the wide range of demands from our customers. We routinely work with customers in order to create unique coating solutions for their applications.


Find the Thin Film Coating Service You Need

Quantum Coating, Inc provides a variety of optical coatings as each application requires a different approach. Explore our coating options below or contact us today to find the right fit for your application.