Metallic Coatings

Metallic Mirror Coatings for Reflective Surfaces

Our metallic reflective coatings have been the industry standard for decades, being used for a wide variety of applications, both ground based and in space. Silver, aluminum and gold coatings each have different properties that can be utilized for specific durability or reflectance needs. In addition to our wide variety of standard designs and performance specifications, we routinely provide custom designs for special applications.

Silver Coatings for Specialty Applications

We provide three main varieties of silver coatings that are specifically designed for different spectral regions, operating environments, and can be matched to every conceivable substrate. If you aren’t sure which silver coating is best for your application, contact one of our experts today!

This is our flagship silver coating. It is very durable, highly reflective and has been used successfully in countless aerospace programs. With custom options available, we can set the peak reflectance to be anywhere in the visible or NIR

Our X-1 Silver coating has been specially developed to provide high reflectance in the harshest environments. Unlike most silver coatings, X-1 will not deteriorate in extreme conditions, and meets all standard MIL-spec environmental testing, including the 24 hour Salt Fog test.

We have developed a silver coating that has high reflectance into the ultraviolet. By extending the reflectance region to achieve 95% at 350nm as well as enhancing durability to meet the 24 hour Salt Fog test, we have taken the next step in reflective coatings for astronomical projects.


Gold Coatings for High Reflectance

Our gold coatings make excellent mirrors for long wavelength applications. With high reflectance from 700nm through the infrared, these reflective coatings are perfect for a diverse array of applications. Most notably, they were used for the reflective optics of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

In addition to providing very high reflectance, this coating meets the requirements for adhesion, temperature and humidity of MIL-M-13508C.


Aluminum Coatings with Good Reflectance and Durability

Quantum’s aluminum coatings are designed to provide good reflectance while maintaining durability and withstanding harsh environments. With a proven record for space and ground based applications, our aluminum coatings meet the durability requirements of MIL-M-13508C.

With a single layer of protection, our FS72H aluminum coating boasts a peak reflectance of over 90%. The peak wavelength can be tailored to the customer’s requirements.

Enhanced with multiple layers, the peak reflectance for the FS80H aluminum coating can be boosted to 95% or more, depending on the design. The peak wavelength can be tailored to the customer’s requirements.


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