Process 9

Designed for use between two optical components, our Process 9 AR matched coating provides a transparent conductive surface virtually invisible to the optical performance of the display. Used as an EMI/RFI shield, our coating can be buried within the optical stack just behind the cover glass of the display. Process 9 is highly transparent, with standard sheet resistances available from 4 – 20 ohms/square. ISR values can be as low as 0.2% when measured against an optical medium of 1.41 to 1.56 refractive index.


Incident Medium Bonding Adhesive (n=1.0)    |    Sheet Resistance < 20Ω/sq    |    Integrated Specular Reflectance (ISR) < 0.35%


Incident Medium Bonding Adhesive (n=1.45)    |     Sheet Resistance < 4Ω/sq    |    Integrated Specular Reflectance (ISR) < 0.35%