See Clearly With NVIS From Quantum Coating

Night Vision Instrument System (NVIS) is a specialized optical product set that allows for clear and unrestricted vision in the dark. Created primarily for military use, NVIS allows for night operations and other activities that require human interfaces, such as cockpit instruments, to be visible to the operator in any circumstance.

Typical military applications for NVIS Filters include:

  • Military and Special Forces tactical gear, including night vision goggles
  • Ground attack and transport vehicle instrumentation
  • Fighters, helicopters and other airborne vehicle instrumentation

Our NVIS products work by using custom coatings on glass surfaces to create filters that block out near infra-red light, while providing high transmission of the visible light spectrum. Interfaces can then be seen through special optical devices, rendering them invisible to the naked eye.

NVIS Filters That Meet All US Defense Testing Requirements

Our NVIS filters meet all US Defense testing requirements for use in cockpit, ground based and shipboard instrumentation. We offer standard and custom coated glass panels designed specifically for use as Class A or Class B color LCD displays with LED backlight. Our filters are used in NVIS applications which meet the military requirements of MIL-STD-3009 for Electronic and Electro-Optical displays.

Standard glass configurations are 0.2mm to 1.1mm thick in sizes up to 21" diagonal. Typical Transmission Cutoff Wavelength is between 625 NM to 660 NM range with < 1% variation.


T avg > 86% from 400nm to 630nm | T 50% cutoff at 650nm ± 7nm | T < 2 x e-5 optical density from 700nm to 930nm

Our Night Vision Coating Process

Quantum Coating has over 20 years of experience in creating night vision coatings for some of the largest military and civilian contractors in North America. We are dedicated to excellence and our coating experts, highly skilled staff, and next generation technology ensure all of our coatings are of an industry leading quality.

Custom NVIS Filters for Specialized Uses

Our products operate in extreme environments; which is why we ensure that every night vision filter is able to offer extreme performance in return. From soldiers and pilots to medical professionals, our NVIS products are at the forefront of specialized uses in military and civilian institutions around the world.

We are able to service customers seeking night vision products across a broad spectrum of industries. Fully customizable coating options allow us to cater to a range of different needs. NVIS coatings and filters from Quantum Coating help operators get jobs done that would otherwise be impossible.


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