New 64” Coating System For Delivery In January 2016.

MOORESTOWN, NJ (July 13th, 2015) -- Quantum Coating, Inc announced today the purchase of a new 64” batch thin film coating chamber. The chamber due to be delivered in January 2016 will be put into production February 2016.

“As industry demand grows, we are focused on not only meeting current capacity, but being tenacious in our efforts to be prepared for the demand in the coming years.” said Daniel Patriarca, Chief Executive Officer, “This addition to our already robust Coating Department is just the beginning. We are taking the industry’s growth very seriously and are making certain we stay ahead of the demand for our customers.  This system adds to our already diverse coating capabilities with additional capacity to coat Conductive Anti-Reflective films and Night Vision Filters.”

The addition of the Coating Chamber comes after a 10-month personnel expansion taking what was a 32 employee company to an over 45 employee company in the short period of time. Along with production personnel, the expansion included the appointment of Quality Manager Christina Gorky.


About Quantum Coating, Inc.

Quantum Coating, Inc is global leader in thin film optical coatings utilized in applications throughout both public and private sectors, including: avionics, aerospace, military, medical, and more. QCI’s expertise in avionics and aerospace has been delivered to customers worldwide for over 25 yrs.

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