At QCI, we design narrow band-pass filters to yield accurate color perception. These filters are generally used on CRT displays. We also focus on generating processes to rework damaged or unfinished filters and can produce special NVIS filters.

 The types of filters we manufacture enable pilots to see cockpit displays with greater accuracy. In general, they enhance dim lights, indicators, and light-enclosing objects. Filters function to darken the background that surrounds the objects containing light, creating a significant contrast between the light and dark areas. Consequently, light features appear in detail. Without the use of quality filters, lights will appear in fainted forms. This poses a problem because visual indicators are essential in avionics, especially when operating a vehicle in the night sky.

 We can accommodate your manufacturing requirements by formulating colored filters, NVIS filters (used for night-vision) or both. NVIS filters are designed to achieve a maximum level of communication during evening flight. To your satisfaction, we can give filters of all shapes and sizes these beneficial qualities.