BB-ISR30 : Low Specular Reflective AR Coating

Today's display demands are typically focused on the ISR (Integrated Specular Reflectance) value of the assembled unit. Our Anti Reflective (BB-ISR30) coating reduces the surface reflectance to an Integrated Specular Reflectance (ISR) brightness of less than 0.25% when measured at 30 degrees. It's a durable coating, able to meet the performance demands of the aviation industry worldwide. BB-ISR30 meets all the requirements of MIL-C-675 and is rugged enough for use in the harsh environments and demands of today's commercial and military ground vehicles.

When applied to our textured glass, a product produced in-house, we virtually eliminate ghost imaging on large format displays like today's flat panel LCD instruments.


Incident Medium Air (n=1.0)    |    Angle of Incidence (AOI) 30deg    |    Integrated Specular Reflectance (ISR) < 0.25%