Anti-Reflective Coating for Glare Reduction and Display Clarity

In comparison to an uncoated glass surface that typically reflects more than 4% of light, our AR coating process is designed to achieve a specular reflectance of less than 0.25%, virtually eliminating any glare and allowing for enhanced display performance and clarity. Used for many different industries, our anti-reflective coating offerings are extremely versatile.

Our Anti-Reflective Coatings are used in a wide range of applications including:

  •  Rugged LCD Displays for Avionics
  • Displays in Military Ground Vehicles
  • Medical Equipment Displays
  • Flat Panel Displays
  • LED Displays

"ITO Coating" for EMI/RFI Shielding

With certain displays, electromagnetic interference shielding (EMI) or radio frequency interference shielding (RFI) is a must. Our AR Coatings can be combined with ITO to produce an anti-reflective cover glass. Typically used in scenarios where there are multiple displays, such as in avionics or military ground vehicles, this is an excellent solution for isolating displays and removing any electromagnetic interference.

Our Anti-Reflective Coating Process

Different applications have different requirements when it comes to AR Coating, so we have various processes in place to meet each unique need. Each of our processes can be customized to exact specifications, so contact us and we can recommend the right process and customization for you.

This antireflection coating is designed to perform where the eye is most sensitive to light, between the frequencies of 500 and 600 nm. Typically requiring an ISR value of less than 0.25%, this coating is usually found on the front surface of flat panel displays. Meeting the requirements of MIL-C-675, our BB-ISR 30 coating is rugged enough for use in the harsh environments and demands of today's commercial and military ground vehicles.

This anti-reflective conductive coating performs in a similar manner to our BB-ISR 30 with the added benefit of EMI Shielding. Typically achieving a specular reflectance of less than 0.35%, this coating is normally found on digital displays within avionics and military ground vehicles.

Our Process 9 Coating has ultra-low resistance capabilities and can be index matched to optical adhesive, providing a more efficient solution for your digital displays. Also featuring EMI/RFI Shielding, this coating is ideal for use in displays that need to be heated and withstand cold temperatures.

Our Broad Band Anti-Reflective coating is designed to offer low reflectance over a broad range of the visible spectrum as well as rugged durability.