Quantum's All Dieletric Filters

The reflective and transmissive properties of a substrate can be modified by taking advantage of the interference effects that arise in a combination of thin, transparent dielectric layers. Such multilayer all-dielectric thin film filters offer tremendous design flexibility; almost any spectral characteristic can be produced in any wavelength range. Quantum offers a full range of Hot Mirrors, Cold Mirrors, Beam Splitters and Edge Filters. Here are some of our standard products; please contact us if you need a custom solution for your special application.

The classic hot mirror separates "hot" energy from light energy by reflecting the Near Infrared (NIR) wavelengths and transmitting the visible spectrum. Quantum's HM2 series hot mirrors have excellent visible transmission (>90%) and good NIR blocking from 750 – 1200nm. The cut-off can be positioned at the wavelength of your choice.

The classic cold mirror separates light energy from "hot" energy by reflecting the visible spectrum and transmitting or absorbing Near Infrared (NIR) wavelengths. Quantum's VCM-1 series cold mirrors have high visible reflectance (>95%) and excellent transmission in the NIR from 750 – 1500nm. VCM-2 is designed for opaque substrates: it has similar visible reflectance to VCM-1 but the NIR energy is absorbed rather than transmitted. The cut-off can be positioned at the wavelength of your choice.

In the increasingly demanding field of medical lighting, high performance optical coatings are required to correct the color output of an incandescent light source to simulate daylight for proper tissue recognition and matching. The coatings must also filter out unwanted heat, while still providing high levels of illuminance. Consequently these all-dielectric multilayer coatings are known as Color Correcting Cold Mirrors (CCCM).

A multi-layer beam splitter divides the energy at a wavelength or range of wavelengths by partially reflecting of the incident light and transmitting the rest. Quantum offers a full range of beam splitters with any R/T ratio for the UV, Visible and NIR wavelengths. Designs are normally for 45degree AOI but custom angles are available on request.

A short wave pass filter describes any filter that blocks longer wavelengths and transmits shorter wavelengths. Hot Mirrors and NVIS filters are specialized forms of SWP that separate the visible from the NIR. Quantum offers a full range of SWP filters with pass band, stop band and cut-off wavelengths anywhere from the UV to NIR. SWP filters are often used in conjunction with absorbing glass substrates to create a band pass filter, and transmission in the pass band can be enhanced with an antireflection coating on the second surface.

Long Wave Pass filters block shorter wavelengths and transmit longer wavelengths. Blocking can be from reflectance, absorption or a combination. Transmission in the pass band can be enhanced with an antireflection coating on the second surface. Quantum's QLWP series offers a variety of blocking ranges and densities, and the cut-off wavelength can be positioned anywhere from the UV to NIR.

Night Vision Instrument System (NVIS) is a specialized optical product set that allows for clear and unrestricted vision in the dark. Created primarily for military use, NVIS allows for night operations and other activities that require human interfaces, such as cockpit instruments, to be visible to the operator in any circumstance.