Proven Optical Coating Solutions
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Gold Optical Coating on the Webb Telescope EMI coated glass for avionics and military displays Optical coatings for glass
First Contact with the first light.

The James Webb Telescope's Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Fine Steering mirrors all showcase Quantum's highly reflective Gold Coating. Our coating will establish first contact with the universe's earliest light, before passing it along to NASA's finest scientists.

Flight Proven. Battle Tested. Rugged Optical Coating Solutions.

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner equipped with 15-inch landscape cockpit displays will all feature Quantum's EMI coated glass, along with our reduced-glare etching process to eliminate Ghost Imaging on large display formats.

Specific Requirements Deserve Precise Engineering.

Quantum's large in-house Optical Coating Capability allows us to meet requirements on optics up to 2000lbs x 1.5 meters in diameter with the utmost precision. Our high tech optical coating facility houses state-of-the art deposition equipment, glass fabrication and metrology.

Thin Film Services for Your Optical Coating Needs

For over 20 years Quantum Coating has been the leader in quality for optical coatings. At our headquarters in Moorestown, NJ, we've been responsible for providing thin film coatings for a wide variety of applications while achieving excellent results. Our team of coating experts is able to customize our thin film coatings to exact specifications, integrating them into a vast range of applications.

Optical Coating Services to Aid Your Manufacturing Process

Our thin film coatings have been utilized for applications in both public and private sectors, including: avionics, aerospace, military, medical, and more. With our ability to harness new technologies and craft our coatings for many different uses, Quantum has been able to meet the wide range of demands from our customers. We routinely work with customers in order to create unique coating solutions for their applications.

Find the Thin Film Coating Service You Need

Quantum Coating, Inc provides a variety of optical coatings as each application requires a different approach. Explore our coating options below or contact us today to find the right fit for your application.

ITO Coating

For applications that require EMI/RFI Shielding, we provide our indium tin oxide coatings. These coatings can be applied to glass and have an extremely low reflectance.

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Anti-Reflective Coating

Our AR Coatings come in many different varieties and are used in a broad scope of applications. Featuring an industry leading spectral reflectance of less than 0.25%, these coatings virtually eliminate any and all glare.

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Dielectric Filters

We offer a full range of thin film filters that include, Hot Mirrors, Cold Mirrors, Beam Splitters, and Edge Filters. From night vision to color correction, we have a solution for any application.

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Quantum Metallics

Our mirror coatings have an extensive range of uses on both earth and in space. One of our largest projects involved the application of gold coating which is being used to see the earliest light of the universe.

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Night Vision Instrument System

Our Night Vision Instrument System filters block out near infra-red light while also providing high transmission of the visible light spectrum.

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QCI's Optical Coatings Include:
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